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Achieve true inner peace in your daily life. Inspirations, insights, stories, interviews and much, much more. You didn't end up reading this by accident. Your life has purpose and divine value. This show features insights, inspiring interviews and stories from real life to help you on your journey in life to realize and live out the perfect and most beautiful you. Join the millions of others who are also on this journey. Just say YES to discovering and living The Real Truth About You. See you inside the show. Our home is here and at:
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The Real Truth About You - William Sinclair Helps You To Uncover The Most Amazing Version of You




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Aug 31, 2016

(Image: "Committed To Fly" - by Podcaster and photographer Will Sinclair

In today’s podcast: Take the best and leave the rest | You hear what you’re meant to hear when you’re meant to hear it | The spirituality of subtraction and the art of letting go | Seeing the Light in you | A journal can be a tool of awareness in your journey | The story of a dream I had, a journal entry and an amazing awareness | Reverting back to the coping skills of childhood | Accepting the right now – the present moment | There is no future you, only the present you | Accept and learn how to love yourself for who you are right now and not just who you may become | Living in the now moment | How Surely Gravity’s Law life poem | Like the bird, learn to fall before you can fly.

Aug 23, 2016

The Real Truth About You - Breaking the Cycle and Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is easier to step toward and even achieve in your relationships, whether that's with your life partner, your kids,  your family or even your friends, when you consider how your past is forging your present reality.

I had never realized how the past, that of my mother, who I now love dearly, and then my own past had moved from the abusive relationship of my childhood and into my marriage. My relationships were adversely affected by the hand-me-downs I had allowed myself to inherit and then pass on.

My saving grace and the start of my path toward real love, that pure love which comes from a heart that has actually been freed to love, began with a major argument and a statement that changed my life. The cycle of the past was about to break.

Today's podcast is the story of my mother, a desire to murder, and how that connects to my story and maybe yours.

Join me in today's podcast. See you in the inside...

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Aug 16, 2016

Real Truth About You - A cause for celebration

August 13, 2016 we hit over 1000 episode downloads in our 7th week of podcasting. To me, this is cause for celebration! In this episode I read some of our listener’s comments. Even in the comments you'll find some golden nuggets of insights. Join me in today's podcast...

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Aug 11, 2016

The Real Truth About You - Image of frustrated woman - Are you stopping yourself from moving forward

On our journey to uncovering our true self,  we sometimes lean toward staying inside our comfort zone. This often leads us to procrastinate dealing with certain issues that hold us back from an enlightened path. Today, in this mini-podcast-moment, I talk about how a simple technique used by professional photographers, artists, authors and songwriters can be used to help us uncover our 'diamond' within.

Whether you rely on intrinsic motivation, you're self motivated, totally unmotivated or still trying to discover in all of this earth actually what motivates you, this quick tip may be just what you need today to begin making a positive difference in your life.

Are you the one who stopping yourself from moving forward?

Join me in today's podcast... "Don't Wait - Just Do It!"

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Keywords: intrinsic motivation, self motivated, unmotivated, what motivates you

Aug 9, 2016

The Real Truth About You - Chris Juchacz image - Roman Catholic Church Answers

Chris Juchacz is "training" to become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. In this interview I did with him, mostly about his life and how to hear God, Chris reveals some Catholic answers to questions many ask about the Catholic Church, the Catholic hierarchy and its purpose, Catholic beliefs, the Catholic mass and much more.

Chris' life journey will inspire you. It took him from questioning the actual existence of God to a calling he just couldn't resist. He has a heart for people and for sharing the love of God with everyone.

Join me on today's podcast...

0:00 Introduction | 1:00 The Catholic definition of a priest and a seminarian | 1:40 What is a Catholic Mass? | 5:34 What is a Bishop? | 6:50 What is a Deacon? | 7:43 Questioning God's existence | 10:25 Does praying really help? | 11:11 The Dark Night of the Soul | 11:26 About Mother Teresa | 13:36 Are we still connected with our deceased loved ones, those who have died, or are we alone in this world? | 15:20 Eastern Church icons - religious graffiti | 16:50 Bargaining with God and does God create evil? | 17:50 The Prodigal Son story | 19:00 Forgiveness and Love | 20:04 A Celebration Party | 20:15 What if God was out of the picture for you Chris? | 20:53 Our hearts are restless until they rest in God | 22:10 Footprints in the sand | 22:53 How do people actually hear God? How does God connect with you? | 24:53 Being ready | 25:30 Hitting rock bottom | 26:30 The story of a modern-day young boy who ends up feeding 170,000 people | 27:15 The great thing about TED Talks | 27:30 Simplifying your life to hear God | 28:15 Heading into the wilderness and hearing God in silence | 29:45 The good thing about Breathing and Mantras | 31:00 God's ways are not our ways | 31:30 Experiencing God personally | 34:30 Having a call in life - You have a unique call in life to do something that only YOU can do - Something you are or will be passionate about | 36:40 BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF | 37:50 Thank you's, wrap up and the "just do it" statement.

Keyword tags: Roman Catholic Church, Catholic Answers, Catholic Definition, Catholic Hierarchy, Catholic Beliefs, Catholic Mass

Podcast Host: Will Sinclair

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Aug 4, 2016

The Real Truth About You - Battle Fear - Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself

Today I look in the mirror and reveal something of what I see about me and I encourage you to do the same. Today I make myself somewhat vulnerable to you to make a point. We are on a journey together, not alone. Despite what our western culture portrays, there is actually strength in revealing and owning your brokenness. Today’s episode is about being honest – being honest with yourself and allowing that honesty to begin a process of transformation in you. Blow away fear and denial and allow the truth to set you free. Join me in today’s podcast of The Real Truth About You…

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Aug 2, 2016

The Real Truth About You - The Iceberg Theory of dealing with your past

Have you ever noticed that some days certain people and situations annoy you or even make you angry and on other days nothing seems to bother you? That’s because it’s rarely about the other person. It’s usually all about you. In this section I share something I call the “Iceberg Theory” that I learned from one of my counselors many years back that has helped me immensely in life.

As your inner healing and your outlook on life as well the sense of peace in your life increases, you will discover that others around you will also be affected in a positive way. Healing and peace will most likely permeate through your family. My wife and I have definitely experienced this.

My wife always says, “Don’t rely on someone else to make your happy. Be happy first.” Here’s the danger of only allowing external things to make you happy.