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The Real Truth About You - William Sinclair Helps You To Uncover The Most Amazing Version of You




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Nov 30, 2016

Image of the book Nujeen -

Whether the person you are forgiving is alive or not, or hasn't even apologized to you, forgiveness is one of the most important keys in your journey toward inner healing of even the deepest of wounds. 

Remember that forgiveness is NOT an emotion or a feeling. "Forgiveness" is a decision, though hard to make at times, will keep you from living in the often times turmoiled surface of your life. Unforgiveness will prevent you from reaching the "depths" where peace and strength and and inner joy preside. 

Join me in this "on the road" podcast - my first ever podcast recorded and "broadcast" to the world completely from my iPhone. 

Nov 25, 2016

Couple fighting -

What happens when your relationship isn’t going as well as you expected? Maybe it’s even downright miserable. What can you do?

Relationships can be hard. We know. Edrina and I have been together for almost thirty years and, although it’s great now, it wasn’t easy.

I think we literally failed our way to success in our relationship.

Assuming that you’re not in physical danger, in which case you need to get to safety, here are some things you may wish to look at.

Join me as Edrina and I discuss issues from our own relationship, what it felt like, what happened and what was done about it.

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Nov 16, 2016

Comfort Zone or Freedom -

“True progress usually only happens when you live on the edge of your comfort zone.” – Seth Spears

Anyone who has “succeeded” in life has pushed their perceived boundaries and excelled into a new found freedom of living.

On the journey to re-discovering the Real You, your True Self and the greatness that you already are, you need to move outside of your comfort zone. You need to stop being a spectator and become a participant in your own life story.

Moving outside of your comfort zone often means facing some of the giants in your life, perceived or real, from your past or your present.

Join Will in today’s podcast as he talks about getting out of your comfort zone… Experience True Freedom.

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Nov 9, 2016

Image of man with Ying Yang on T-shirt -

We teach our kids to be independent, to stand up on their own two feet, to have their own opinions, write their own scripts for life, to rise to the top, to depend on no-one and to be the masters of their own success.

Yet, there many highly effective and ‘successful’ people who will tell you that this worldly viewpoint does not lead us to lasting success.

We are all connected to a much larger whole and we all are all interdependent on that whole. We are as interdependent on those around us as we are on the air we breathe to survive.

Listen as Will unfolds the story of interdependence as a key to our success in living a fruitful life.

Join us in today’s podcast….

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