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The Real Truth About You - William Sinclair Helps You To Uncover The Most Amazing Version of You




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Nov 30, 2016

Image of the book Nujeen -

Whether the person you are forgiving is alive or not, or hasn't even apologized to you, forgiveness is one of the most important keys in your journey toward inner healing of even the deepest of wounds. 

Remember that forgiveness is NOT an emotion or a feeling. "Forgiveness" is a decision, though hard to make at times, will keep you from living in the often times turmoiled surface of your life. Unforgiveness will prevent you from reaching the "depths" where peace and strength and and inner joy preside. 

Join me in this "on the road" podcast - my first ever podcast recorded and "broadcast" to the world completely from my iPhone. 

Nov 16, 2016

Comfort Zone or Freedom -

“True progress usually only happens when you live on the edge of your comfort zone.” – Seth Spears

Anyone who has “succeeded” in life has pushed their perceived boundaries and excelled into a new found freedom of living.

On the journey to re-discovering the Real You, your True Self and the greatness that you already are, you need to move outside of your comfort zone. You need to stop being a spectator and become a participant in your own life story.

Moving outside of your comfort zone often means facing some of the giants in your life, perceived or real, from your past or your present.

Join Will in today’s podcast as he talks about getting out of your comfort zone… Experience True Freedom.

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Sep 21, 2016

The Real Truth About You - Mind out of order image - Taming your negative thoughts Podcast episode 28

Many of the most popular songs, TV shows and movies on the planet appeal to our negativity. Why is that?

We find it easier to blame, to argue, to justify hurts and so much more because it's easier to do that than move inside ourselves. However we do it, we'd rather run than deal with certain issues.

Yet this leads often to a life we wished was different.

The mind is a powerful muscle, creating so many neural pathways. These pathways could lead to powerful and positive things in your life if you know how to "program" them. Sometimes it seems so difficult to break free from the things that keep you 'down'. Yet, the solution is at hand. It always has been.

Join my guest podcaster, Tami Dovell, as she takes over today's podcast to talk to you about how to blow away your fears and negative thought processes and replace them with what is good and whole.

In this podcast Tami is addressing a small and intimate group of people at one of her meditation nights.

See you in the podcast.

Aug 4, 2016

The Real Truth About You - Battle Fear - Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself

Today I look in the mirror and reveal something of what I see about me and I encourage you to do the same. Today I make myself somewhat vulnerable to you to make a point. We are on a journey together, not alone. Despite what our western culture portrays, there is actually strength in revealing and owning your brokenness. Today’s episode is about being honest – being honest with yourself and allowing that honesty to begin a process of transformation in you. Blow away fear and denial and allow the truth to set you free. Join me in today’s podcast of The Real Truth About You…

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Aug 2, 2016

The Real Truth About You - The Iceberg Theory of dealing with your past

Have you ever noticed that some days certain people and situations annoy you or even make you angry and on other days nothing seems to bother you? That’s because it’s rarely about the other person. It’s usually all about you. In this section I share something I call the “Iceberg Theory” that I learned from one of my counselors many years back that has helped me immensely in life.

As your inner healing and your outlook on life as well the sense of peace in your life increases, you will discover that others around you will also be affected in a positive way. Healing and peace will most likely permeate through your family. My wife and I have definitely experienced this.

My wife always says, “Don’t rely on someone else to make your happy. Be happy first.” Here’s the danger of only allowing external things to make you happy.

Jul 19, 2016

Tami Dovell was influenced by anger, rage and an inner dialog that told her she was no good. She literally used to throw and smash dinner plates. Now, she is a loving, peace-filled, gifted and God-centered mother, wife and spiritual coach who now guides others on their inner journey of self-awareness and God-discovery. Listen and be inspired by her story and amazing insights.

Discussed in this episode:

A lack of self-confidence | Anger issues | How to love yourself | Stuffing | Ego | Labeling yourself | Staying busy to avoid dealing with issues | Not knowing how to stop or at least slow down your life | Childhood programs that stop you from moving forward |Meditation as a discovery of pre-programming | Listening to lies | Life is a transformational journey | Self-Neglect | Attracting Love | Being open | Divine intelligence | How to meditate from DAY ONE | Self-nurture | Self-love | Breathing | The 15 second slow down | Why you need to stay, live and be in the moment | Quieting the brain | Being pulled out of the now, out of the moment | Your brain creates files it keeps referring back to, good or bad | How to train your brain | How living in the past creates depression | How living in the future creates anxiety and stress | Addressing your self-worth | How to not give your energy to negative thoughts | Are you ready to nurture your soul? | Are you ready to become alive? | There is no random | There are no coincidences | Is your brain screaming that you’re going to fail? | You are greater than your strongest thought | Awareness and awakening | Heart versus the brain | Are you living from a place of fear? | Beating fear | We all have different stories | You are extraordinary | Eliminating fear based programming from your childhood | Do you experience a deep inner lack you want to remove? | Showing gratitude for who you are in the moment | Living without the need to blame | Connecting to the God within you | Are you shutting doors in your life to happiness without realizing it? | Are you living from a broken space and want to change that? | Leaving the place of being the victim | Becoming responsible for who you are | Hitting rock bottom | Attaining awareness of you actions, which is good, through meditation and an awakened mind….and much, much more.

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Jun 21, 2016

This is a breathing technique taught throughout the world by gurus and anyone who lives a less stress life. Living in a ‘less stress’ mode does not mean there’s no stressful situations in your life. It just means you’ve learned how to cope with this. This breathing technique is one of your tools in living a less stress life.

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