The Real Truth About You - William Sinclair Helps You To Uncover The Most Amazing Version of You

Achieve true inner peace in your daily life. Inspirations, insights, stories, interviews and much, much more. You didn't end up reading this by accident. Your life has purpose and divine value. This show features insights, inspiring interviews and stories from real life to help you on your journey in life to realize and live out the perfect and most beautiful you. Join the millions of others who are also on this journey. Just say YES to discovering and living The Real Truth About You. See you inside the show. Our home is here and at:
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The Real Truth About You - William Sinclair Helps You To Uncover The Most Amazing Version of You



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Jul 14, 2016

Are you a strengthsfinder or a weakness builder? Find out here. During our childhood and even our careers we are told to "work on our weaknesses" but it's simply not true and doesn't lead to a fulfilled and happy life. In reality, we need to work with our strengths and NOT on our weaknesses. I discovered that when I moved from working in the weak areas of my life and into working with my strengths, amazing transformations took place. This podcast is one of those transformations in action. Working WITH your strengths, your areas of gifting and your personality will bring positive outcomes. You will attract good things in your life and you will generally be happier. If you don't know them already, take the time to discover your personal strengths. Go on a "strengthsquest" if you need to. For starters, begin with listening to this 15 minute podcast quickie.

Then go to our website to get the links to discover your strengths and see what worked immensely for me. The link for the StrengthsFinder test are there as well as others. What are your strengths? Start your journey to an empowered life with this podcast.


Will Sinclair

Jun 21, 2016

Do you consistently re-invent yourself? Do people say to you, “Can’t you just stick to ONE THING?” Do you get interested in something, dive head-over-heels into it, learn all you can about it, then do it with vitality and abundant enthusiasm? Then drop it for a while as you discover something else that’s new and exciting and repeat the whole process all over again. If this is you – great news! There’s nothing wrong with you. Listen to this podcast as I discuss what I discovered about this.

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